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The site is in English, but the pages are also translated into Spanish, Italian, French, Maltese and Portuguese. Most of the translations have been done with Google Translate and checked as far as possible for errors. We regret if anything might not be perfect but offer our full cooperation to assist in any doubts that you might encounter in the information provided.
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It is always the buyer that chooses the notary, By clicking on the top button marked as Notary, you can find the list for all the notaries in the Canary Islands.

The transaction at the notary is usually a very quick process. According to notary's waiting list it might be as quick as a week from the date of property is chosen and the pre-contract signed. If the property is the owner's residence or has tenants it might take from a month up to four months to offera decent period to find a new accommodation. The property should be sold free from tenants and debts, always if not agreed differently between the seller and the buyer. 

Here is a link for a Calculator for costs after buying with mortgage
The link below, is offered for you to have an idea of the costs that a buyer will have to consider when buying a residential property. 
All calculations are approximate. When you decide on the property you wish to buy we will work out these costs more precisely according to the property price, location and type.
To buy a property in Spain, foreigners must have the following documents
  • N.I.E.: Foreign Identification Number
  • Passport: Certifies your identity and nationality
  • It is not obligatory to open a Spanish bank account but it is very much recommended. It will facilitate payment of utility bills and taxes. ( we can assist you to open a local bank account with BBVA or Caixa.)
If the buyer is Spanish only their DNI is necessary
The minimum documentation necessary for a standard sales contract
  • The deed of sale: Is the original document that certifies the acquisition of the property by the vendor
  • Registry document: Nota Simple
  • IBI Receipt: IBI (Real Estate Tax) Payable annually
  • Energy Efficiency Certificate: This documentation provides objective information about the energy characteristics of the property.
  • Catastal Reference Number: With the catastal reference number, we can know where the property is located, the use, the representation graphical and the catastal value. This data must coincide with that which appears at the registry.
  • Certificate of community fees (if applicable): If it is a property in an enclosed area such as an urbanization it will have community fees. It will be necessary to credit the annual cost and have a certificate from the community that proves the payments are up to date:
All the above mentioned documentation will be collected, verified and presented to the notary by Life is Beautiful Property Consultants and we will make sure that  your property purchase is smoothly handled before the deed signing date is issued. 
Once the deed is signed and you are the owner of your new home, we will still be at your side, offering our assistance or directing to the best options available on the island regarding any matter that you might require.
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