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We are offering the following services to make sure that all our clients will benefit of the best options on the island and make sure that our commitment will deliver all our services in time and at your full satisfaction.

Services Residential Life is Beautiful Property Consultants
1. Residential

When buying or selling a property with us, we will assist you in all the process and guide you with all the necessary requirements in order to have a smooth and perfect transaction. 


We offer services that include: cleaning, refurbishing, property inspection and any other service that your property might need, so as to make sure that we guarantee our customers the peace of mind they require. Any logistical coordination concerning the shifting of furniture from one home to another, whether it being in the Canary Islands, Europe or worldwide. 

Other services that we might have not mentioned please ask us without any compromise. 

Commercial Services Life is Beautiful Property Consultants
2. Commercial


If you are interested in commercial property in Tenerife, it is worth paying attention to certain areas.  We offer a wide range of commercial properties for sale or to let from shops, pubs, lands and developments. We will help you find the property that matches your exact requirements and investment expectations.

3. Refurbishing

A property will not be a home until you give it your personal touch. Whether you are buying or selling, your property might need a different look. We have our team of professionals that will be glad to assist you in any refreshing, refurbishing or maintenance that your property might require. All you might need for your property we will be glad to assist you with our guidance and/or quotations without any obligation. Feel free to ask.

Refurbishing Services Life is Beautiful Property Consultants
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